Term Dates

25th of August to 14th of December
August 25th 2020
Staff Attendance
August 28th to August 29th
Ashura *
September 11th to September 17th
INSET Week For All Staff
September 12th to September 17th
New Staff Induction / Teaching Staff Induction
September 13th
First Day of School
October 25th to October 29th
Midterm Holiday
November 1st
First Day After Midterm Holiday
November 1st to November 4th
National Subjects Midterm Exam
December 1st
Staff Training
December 6th to December 14th
First Term Final Exam
December 15th
First Day of Holiday
December 16th and December 17th
National Day of The Kingdom of Bahrain
December 20th ,2020 to January 3rd ,2021
Winter Holiday
4th of January to 15th of April
January 1st 2021
New Year Holiday
January 4th
First Day of Second Term
January 10th to January 14th
End of Term Report Preparation
January 17th
Parent-Teacher Meeting for KG 1 to GR 2
January 18th
Parent-Teacher Meeting for GR 3 to GR 8
February 4th
Staff Training
February 15th to February 17th
Midterm Exam (National Subjects)
March 2nd to March 4th
Midterm Holiday
March 7th
First Day After Midterm Holiday
April 4th to April 11th
Second Term Final Exam
April 13th
1st Day of Ramadan *
April 18th to April 22nd
Second Term Holiday
25th of April to 8th of July
April 25th
First Day of Third Term
April 25th
Staff Training
May 1st
Labour Day
May 13th to May 17th
Eid Al-Fitr *
May 18th to 20th
Parent-Teacher Meeting for KG1 to GR 8
June 13th to June 22nd
End of The Year Exams
June 27th to June 29th
End of The Year Report Preparation
June 28th to June 30th
Parent-Teacher Meeting for KG1 to GR 8
July 1st
KG 2 Graduation
July 8th
Last Day For Academic Staff
August 25th
Academic Staff Return

* Highlighted dates are subject to change as per the announcement of the Government of Bahrain.